Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beyond Belief

I pull up this morning in order the check my e-mail and the headline that is staring at me is " Evangelist's invitation stirs controversy" . A watchdog group is objecting to Franklin Graham coming to speak at the National Day of Prayer event at the pentagon because his past description of Islam as "evil" is offensive.
Sort of makes sense doesn't it? I mean we have a president who bows to the Saudi king, he shakes hands with Chavez. He has well documented ties to anti-american anti-Semitic terrorist like Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah, Bill Ayers , Bernardine Dohrn, the Rev. Bill Wright. Also, lets not forget that when Netanyahu came to visit the white house the president would not allow them to be photographed together. I think we all know that while he might not say it out loud Obama is a little offended by the fact that someone like Franklin Graham has been invited to speak at the pentagon.
The story only gets scarier as you keep reading. Weinstein the head of the watchdog group that is objecting to Graham goes on to stay that he objects to the pentagon working with the National Day of Prayer task force. He said that he doesn't object to a national day of prayer he just doesn't want them to endorse the task force because they organize "Christian events" for the day and that is preferential treatment.
A federal judge in Wisconsin agrees. She called the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional because it "amounts to a call for religious action". She did postpone enforcement of the decision until all appeals are exhausted.
Phew *breathes sigh of relief*. Well I guess that last part is good news. I guess at least THIS year I can still gather at my local Christian school or church for a National Day of Prayer without being shut down. My church can hand out brochures about the day without being in fear of losing their tax-exempt status....for now.
You know in an attempt to be fair and balanced lets look at this from the other sides point of view for a minute. Imagine how relieved they are. I mean after all these years of being brow beaten and forced to participate in something that they didn't want to participate in, now they have been offered the religious freedom to do .......what they always had the right to do.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

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