Thursday, February 19, 2009


Every year my mom and my sister go away for a girl's weekend away.   Usually, Ok pretty much every year we go to Lancaster, PA for shopping.  WE go to the outlet stores and find all the local consignment shops.  Well this year we decided to do something different and we headed to Boston, MA for the weekend.  Why we didn't head south I am not sure I will ever understand, but for some reason we thought it would make sense to head North towards colder weather.  
  What a great weekend.  We stayed in the Hilton which is a beautiful hotel.  For Friday and Saturday we bought trolley passes to get around Boston.  It was perfect.  Our tour guides were great, very informative and it was a great way to see Boston.  We hopped off when there was something we wanted to see, or when we suspected that their might be a consignment shop near by, then we hopped back on to learn more about the great history of that town.  
  We had some GREAT seafood.  For the record an 'oyster shot' is not a clever way to sell you one raw oyster.  It actually involves beer...and a LOT of hot sauce.  Do NOT recommend.  However, the actual raw oysters were know the ones without the Sam Adams and tabasco sauce.  I am not sure that the lack of that stuff made it more appealing to my sister who still shuddered every time I put one of them in my mouth but I thought they were delicious.  
  We found a 'tapas' bar with $5 tapas,  and a consignment shop with $12.50 red coach shoes in MY size!! 
  We sat in the hot top, watched chick flicks and just generally had a great time. ....till next year ladies....Saratoga perhaps?