Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God do you learn.
-C. S. Lewis

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Years

New Years. Frankly, I tend to find it pretty depressing. A friend of mine put it fairly well when she said "it's like a birthday but without presents". It's just a stark reminder that another year of your life is now behind you. Forces you to reflect back. If it was a good year, you are sad to see it go, if it was a bad're just sad. Plus, at least when I "celebrate" a birthday it's in May so around the corner is in the sun...etc. When I "celebrate" the New Years all I have to look forward to is January and February. yuck.
2009 was not a banner year. New President, new policies, new economy, new worries, new struggles ....and as always marching constantly closer to my inevitable mid-life crisis. Here is hoping 2010 shapes up a little better.
FOr the most part I don't 'do' resolutions. Why 'resolve' to do something? Way to start the new year by setting yourself up for failure. I figure either do something or don't. I confess I am approaching this year a little differently. I think partly because last year was not a great year, I am ready to put it in the history books. If I want 2010 to be better I think that I am going to take a more pro-active approach. Rather than assuming that life is going to happen to more, I am going to work to get what I want out of this year. Do you suppose that if I am more disciplined I will find life less overwhelming and out of my control? Perhaps if I make time to have a quiet time I will wonder less why my relationship with God seems to be stagnating. Hmmm....time will tell.
One of my resolutions is to blog more. Shouldn't be hard to succeed there since I think I blogged roughly 6 times last year. But my kids are growing up soo fast (*sniffles*) and more of that has to be documented and reflected on before it slips away. So ....for is the birdhouse that my gorgeous goose made with her father this long Holiday weekend. Do you think she had a good time? :-) I will have to upload more pics later because it's not really's going to be pink.