Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What $15 Million Dollars gets you.

Have you guys heard about the waterfalls in NYC?  You can read all about it.  It involves four "waterfalls" in lower Manhattan at the cost of $15 million dollars.  I had heard about it when the project was first introduced and thought it was a neat concept.  So when plans for my mom's birthday involved a trip around Manhattan via the Hudson on a boat I was very excited that I was going to get a chance to see them.  
   Well the boat ride around Manhattan was AWESOME.  

Lots of beautiful things to see,                                                     GREAT way to see Manhattan.  

The waterfalls on the other hand?  Somewhat disappointing.  I would have to go so far as the say cheesy.  I mean it's scaffolding with water pipes spewing water out the top.  When they talk about the project they say things about it being quintessential New York because scaffolding is such a part of the city.  (??) So is pigeon poop.  I think it's their way of saying that they had a cool concept but couldn't come up with a better way of implementing it.  

Kaity's first haircut.

Yes I finally acquiesced and allowed Kaity to have her hair cut.  Probably not surprising the event was far more traumatizing for me than it was for her!  Especially, since she was FAR more concerned about gettingto the promised ice cream than about what was coming off her head!!  Rodney was just wondering why ice-cream hadn't been a part of the THREE times that he has had his hair cut already.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There are times when we hear ourselves in our children and think " sweet", then there are other times when we hear ourselves in our children and grimace.  Then there are those perfect times when we hear no one but our children in our children. I thought I would share some of each. 
  About a week ago I was cleaning my basement because we had company coming for the 4th of July.  I enlisted Kaity's help as they are mostly her toys that make the basement look like Toys R' Us exploded down there.  She was a GREAT helper putting all her toys into their toy box without complaining or anything.  Well quickly the toy boxes were filling up so I started putting toys into a milk crate we have down there.  Kaity sees what I am doing puts her hand on  her hip and with a VERY disapproving/reprimanding voice says "Mom, I am trying to put my toys in the toy box is THAT  (gesturing at the milk crate full of toys) helping?".    
   They say kids don't GET sarcasm....HA! kids can get anything if they start getting taught it early enough.  
 So that was the grimace.  However, a day or so after that we were eating dinner with my dad at Boston Market.   Grampy had gone over go get soda and when he came back told Kaity that they could share.  SO Kaity looks at me and says "mom Grampy got us soda", I said "oh that was so nice of him Kaity"  Kaity leans over and squeezes Grampy's arm.  "He's a good man" she says.  
  That was the proud smile (he IS a good man).   Then there was the 3 1/2 year old.  Daddy was getting her in the car outside of Panera and Kaity leans over and picks something up from the ground that had fallen off the tree. 
Kaity:  "What is this daddy" 
Tim:  "Bark" 
Kaity shoots a questioning look '??" 
Tim:  I know it sounds strange but  what comes off of a tree has the same word as the sound a dog makes. Weird huh?
 So Kaity gets up in the van with her possession.  We drive along for a little bit and Kaity says "Oh no mom I dropped my....."  I turned around to look at her as she starts to say "What's it called again.. (the light goes know she's remembered) .oh yeah.  Mom I dropped my woof."  
  True story.   You can't make this stuff up.